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A confirmation box before sending bulk emails from Invoice/Quotes page

I just accidentally bulk emailed a batch of old invoices to clients and tried to figure out how to stop it from happening - but it was too late, the emails had already been sent:

When selecting multiple records in the invoice/quotes screen, the button to "PDF" pops up an alert and tells you a maximum of 10 documents can be processed... Useful..

However, when hitting the 'email' button, there is no warning.. they're just emailed, silently, with no way to stop the process.

Can you PLEASE add a confirmation box informing the user that you are about to bulk email xx number of documents to various recipients and advise against it.. I can't imagine there are THAT many scenarios which require bulk resend.. but if it IS necessary, please give us a chance to realise we've cocked up, and save us having to email everyone a grovelling apology..
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  • Jan 10 2017
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