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Not allowing the trial balance to go out of balance!!!

We had a purchase invoice which turned out to be a private transaction so it got coded to the director DCA (set as a bank account). The posting seemed fine no error message but then we realised that the transaction didn't appear in the DCA and the trial balance was out of balance by this amount, so one side or the double entry had obviously gone into the abyss!! Surely this shouldn't be allowed to happen with or an error message should appear? Luckily it was spotted straight away and alternative postings done to correct the situation but if picked up months later it would have been impossible to see why the accounts suddenly didn't balance, this is not something I've EVER come across on accounting software and need looking at ASAP! So two points 1) The trial balance should ALWAYS balance, if it doesn't we have issues. If the posting isn't allowed you should get an error or it should go to a suspense NOT just disappear. 2) It should be possibly to post purchase invoices to a DCA directly.
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  • Jan 10 2017
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