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Under one company we have three separate restaurants so how will we be able to get our wage costs for each separate department (restaurant) for the companys PL without having to cut and paste the information from an excel worksheet. Are you saying I have to replicate the company 3 times and submit 3 seperate submissions to HMRC now because your system does not have the simply function to produce 3 separate departmental reports ? I also need to be able to see the figures for each departments employer NI costs. I was able to do this simply on Iris Paymaster.
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jan 10, 2017

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    Hi Kuldeep, This is not something that KashFlow Payroll will cater for unfortunately. The system is built to be extremely simple and easy to use and does not offer functionality in line with systems such as IRIS or other desktop systems. If you would like this sort of departmentalisation and reporting I would suggest a desktop system such as this, This is not something we are looking to develop as we intend to keep the app very light and ideal for a small business with simple payroll requirements.
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