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Show 1st Line Item on Invoices/Purchases/Quotes List

We always write a "comment" as the first line of every quote / invoice, giving the job a title. Many jobs are for the same client, for the same value, in the same month, so there is no way to differentiate between the jobs in the list view — if this first field could be (optionally) listed in the list view it would save LOADS of hassle: At the moment we have to cross reference quote numbers from a wipe board on the wall in order to find the right quote: Not very 21st Century! It would also be VERY useful if we could search quotes / invoices by content (words), to find specific jobs: So if a previous job was called "year end promotion 2015" we could find it easily. At the moment we have to search the content of all the pdf copies of the quotes / invoices generated by Kashflow saved locally.
  • Dan
  • Jan 10 2017
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