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When de-registering for VAT, exisiting repeating invoices should also be amended

We recently de-registered for VAT, and amended the VAT setting in Kashflow (after consulting the Helpdesk).

I tested this by creating a manual invoice, and sure enough there was no mention of VAT. All hunky-dory, I thought.

Then a few days later, two repeating invoices were created ... both had VAT added! HMRC takes a dim view of companies who issue VAT invoices (and charge VAT) when they are not registered - we're talking 'penalties' here.

It transpires that currently Kashflow doesn't change the VAT setting for repeating invoices!! I've had to manually edit all 50+ repeating invoices.

Removing the VAT setting should be applied to ALL invoices going forwards - Kashflow needs to be amended.

Although asked to add this as a suggestion, I consider it a BUG!
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jan 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi David, Thank you for getting in touch. I would agree that this is something the system should do automatically for you. I will speak with our development team and ask them to review your request. Thanks
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