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Grouping Customers Together

Would it be possible to set up groups for customers so that you can see what is outstanding for the group they belong to?

My particular needs is that I run a school and I would like to be able to group students together in 'Courses' so that I know how much is outstanding and how much has been paid for that group.

At the moment I use projects to group them, which works well, but I can see that being able to group customers together would be beneficial for a number of applications, such as customers within a company etc.

That way you can quickly see an overview of the company (group).
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jan 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi Anthony, That's a great suggestion. For now your process of using the projects function works best, but we will certainly look into grouping customers in the near future.
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  • Charles Hewitt commented
    14 May, 2018 10:23am

    We manage multiple subscriptions from the same customer.  We currently cannot review which subscriber is in arrears without reading the line item in the invoice.

    Grouper customers would allow the same customer group to be used across multiple subscribers.

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:18am

    Great! :)

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