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It would be wonderful to have an app to link to Kashlfow Payroll where the employee logs their time with (comments on job done), then employer can access this and apply it to Payroll. This will eliminate any paper timesheets going missing or being late. An reminder system could be built in to remind the employee to complete his timesheet at the end of the day or it he has not completed a day, to send him a reminder.
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jan 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi Elre, This is a great idea and we would love to build this functionality into KashFlow Payroll, however this is unlikely to be the case as the product will always remain a simple, efficient payroll system for small businesses and as such would not involve any sort of time sheet import as the larger IRIS desktop systems do unfortunately. If you do require this functionality, can I recommend looking into the IRIS desktop systems that do integrate with KashFlow?
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  • Bill Whetstone commented
    3 Jun, 2018 05:09pm

    Would still urge that you look at providing a simple time sheet capture system which can support the large number of small businesses which pay predominantly by the hour.  It would need to be integrated with the Payroll (We currently run 12Pay) 

    as follows:

    1 - References the approved current employees held on Payroll

    2 - Can be configured to capture hours or days worked for each employee for each week or for user defined monthly periods

    3 - Can capture days/hours classified as sick and covered under SSP 

    4 - Weekly/Monthly Time Data entry either by administrator with a subsequent adjustment entry and approval step by independent manager.  Option for data entry by an employee would be a bonus but not essential.

    5 - Will accumulate hours or days worked on weekly/monthly time-sheets falling within the RTI payroll month and feed these into Kashflow payroll monthly pay computation.

    Controlled to ensure  Approved Time Sheet Data is locked once firmly posted to Payroll


    This would be a relatively simple enhancement to your Payroll product which would make life much simpler for such business which I suspect are many, given the growth of part time and zero hours contracts in recent years. 

    Certainly something we would pay for if it existed and it would probably encourage us to move to Kashflow Cloud based payroll

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