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A holiday calculation tool in KashFlow Payroll

By implementing a holiday calculation tool, my company's holiday calculations and overview would be improved considerably. The tool should be able to track employees' remaining and used holidays, as well as enter x number of holiday hours/days on an employee's payslip at a fixed or variable pay.
  • Andreas
  • Jan 10 2017
  • Released
  • May 22, 2019

    Admin Response

    Hi All,

    Holiday Pay is now in progress. We expect this to be released in the next few months.



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  • Anonymous commented
    January 10, 2017 09:16

    Now that to me seems just a silly thing to say! It hardly simplifies the payroll process when you have to keep a record of holidays and use another app to record and manage the holiday entitlement. I was about to use the Payroll facility but will instead keep my current program which keeps a record of staff leave. Holidays are a key part of any payroll activity.

  • KashFlow Product Manager commented
    January 10, 2017 09:16

    Hi Sam,

    Regarding an app, KashFlow is optimised for mobile devices instead of using an app. All you need to do is log in using the browser on your phone and you will have the full KashFlow functionality available.

    We are aware of the request from a number of users to implement holiday calculation tools into KashFlow Payroll and are investigating a number of options at the moment. There are however no plans to implement this functionality in the near future.

    Many thanks

  • Sam Poore commented
    January 10, 2017 09:16

    I agree with Andreas, although keeping it light is great functionality is key. This is supposed to be making life easier? surely if people didn't want it as an option they could just tick a box to keep it out of site. But i wonder how often that would happen. I also now require an app to create Invoices and quotes on the fly. many programs out there have it but Kashflow doesn't :( any time soon?



  • David Reece commented
    January 23, 2017 12:35

    I agree with Andreas - there can be no justification for not having a holiday pay function - it's something that affects every single employee in the land and is probably one of the easiest pieces of software to incorporate in the program....I cannot see that the 'admin response' is in anyway convincing.

  • Anne O'Brien commented
    June 09, 2017 13:15

    I have also come across this problem but more importantly, by adding other in basic and amending wording to holiday pay this does not take into account that you are paying 2 weeks money and treats it as though its 1 weeks pay  so the tax and NI are way above what it would be if you ran the employees payroll over 2 weeks.

    For example on a weekly wage of £310.80 Tax code 1150L

    Paying 1 week tax would be Tax £17.80 NI £18.46 Emp NI £21.22

    Paying 2 weeks together Tax would be £79.80 NI £55.70 Emp NI £64.11

    I am having to run the employees payroll weekly even though I have already paid the holiday pay to avoid this.

    This is causing more work than enough having to diary who has already been paid and not to pay again.

    I have just changed to Kashflow payroll from a system that calculated the holiday pay correctly and omitted the employee from the next payroll run. if this important and necessary feature in this payroll system doesn't get sortedI will be looking for another payroll system.


    Anne O'Brien

  • Anonymous commented
    January 26, 2018 19:10

    Great news. Can we please not forget about being able to calculate accruing holiday allowance too not just number of weeks/days entitled option. Thank you in advance

  • marie reid commented
    February 27, 2018 08:56

    Kashflow needs a system to pay holidays in advance ie to process 1 week wages plus 2 weeks advance holiday pay which will correctly adjust the tax over the 3 weeks.  My employees were taxed heavily on their Christmas holiday pay and as some were on a week 1 basis, they will not get this money back until after the tax year has ended on 5th April.  Employees were very angry about this

  • dominic commented
    July 05, 2018 17:39

    Seeing as holiday pay is something that employees has to be pay, I would of thought this would be included in Kashflow just like you have SMP etc

  • Ralph Greenwall commented
    November 15, 2019 10:15

    Please also include facility to track holiday by hours ... not just days! We have variable length shifts on a day to day basis so we nee to be able to track in hours. Also - think about how bank holidays can be added into 'holiday' especially where an employees shift pattern means that they would not have worked on a particular bank holiday